Constant Contact Integration

Contacte a ventas

constant-contact-logogShift’s integration provides advanced analytics to Constant Contact users on the performance of their email campaigns as they impact their overall content marketing strategy and digital web presence. Users can easily create a singular report of all of their digital marketing metrics resulting in significant time savings, greater context on performance, and more detailed analysis of results.


gShift’s Constant Contact integration is a great benefit to customers who are already using Constant Contact, or who intend to deploy a robust email tool now that they have the ability to obtain detailed analytics and insight into how email plays a role in enhancing the impact of their digital content marketing.


Visit gShift’s listing on the Constant Contact Marketplace

Using gShift capabilities, Constant Contact users now have access to much more powerful analytics tools and insight, the main benefits of which are: 


  • All in One Web Presence Report – Include breakdown of email campaign activity within the context of web presence analytics, keyword ranking and social reach.
  • Content Performance Campaign Metrics – Understand the impact your email efforts have as part of a total campaign including social media efforts, content marketing activities and
  • Powerful Keyword Identification – Use gShift’s powerful keyword research tools to help craft captivating subject lines to increase open rates and write targeted content to improve click through rates.

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