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gShift’s gMobile Module helps digital marketers understand the differences in content marketing engagement from audience on a desktop compared to a mobile device

Track mobile organic search results over time within the gShift search and content platform. gMobile offers the ability to obtain localized search results from Google from a mobile device perspective. For example, you can compare the difference in search results from traditional desktop search versus mobile search.

Figure 1. Differences in mobile rank compared to desktop in the same search engine during the same period.


In this video interview, Krista LaRiviere discusses how gShift’s gMobile module informs how a brand’s content is being discovered and engaged with on mobile devices.


Mobile Discoverability





In a gShift data study, we tracked mobile organic search traffic across 6000 B2C and B2B websites. It was found that over 23% of organic search traffic is coming from mobile devices. This shift is going to continue to grow over the next few years.  Figure 2. Trend of organic search traffic from mobile devices.

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