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gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform is integrated at the data, workflow, and reporting levels with digital marketing platforms and data sources that add value to the SEO, social media and content marketing process.


gShift is an Authorized Google Analytics Integration Partner. gShift pulls in your Google Analytics data and overlays it with other valuable SEO data to make sense of what’s happening on your site, trends over time, conversion rates, and local/mobile usage data.

e-mail Marketing Campaign Performing

Email Marketing Performance Reporting & Integration

gShift’s Content Marketing Performance module enables our clients to monitor the success of their Constant Contact campaign “beyond the inbox” and in relation to the other components of their larger content marketing strategy. See how email recipients interact with your website landing pages, social media channels or other elements of your web presence after clicking a campaign “Call to Action” link. View or generate a campaign report with all of your data in one place. Click here to find our more about the integration.


SEO for e-commerce merchants

gShift’s SEO Keyword Ranking and Backlink Data app allows Shopify merchants to track their keyword ranking and volume of backlinks to their website relative to their closest competitor. These key SEO elements, which complement Shopify’s “out of the box” reporting features enable Shopify customers to create more effective content on their website and keep tabs on what their competitors are doing.

bing Ranking & Backlink Data Sourcing

gShift sources backlink and keyword ranking data from bing Webmaster tools. bing powers Yahoo search as well so use of this data provides insights for both popular search engines.

Social Media Integration

gShift tracks network-level and page-level social signals such as likes, shares and hashtag tracking intelligence from the following social media channels.


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