How well do you rank in YouTube?

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How well do you rank in YouTube?

October 13, 2010 en SEO 101, SEO Evolution
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Did you know that is the second busiest search engine only after its owner, Google? According to a post last week on the official Google Blog, there are 2 billion YouTube videos watched every day., a leader in measuring the digital world, ranks YouTube ahead of Yahoo! by about 400 million monthly searches (June 2010). That’s a lot!

So how do you rank in YouTube for your branded and non-branded keyword phrases? How can you creatively use YouTube to drive traffic to your site? Most importantly how do you make certain YouTube is part of your organic search strategy and your overall web presence?

Here are 5 things you can do to get started.

1. Benchmark. Go to and perform a handful of searches on your brand and your competitors’ brands. Jot down the results. Now test some of your top non-branded search terms. Maybe you already have some videos posted. How can the content be better optimized to rank higher? See point #4 below.

2. Content. OK, now you’re asking, “But what kind of vidoes should I post?” It really depends on your objectives. Do you want to close more sales, help clients use or understand your product or service, or recruit new people?

Here are a couple of ideas: customer testimonials, customer case studies, product videos, interviews with key personnel, general fun content from your organization. Maybe a fun staff party where the content can now be used to recruit talent.

3. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Sure you could spend a bunch of cash creating video clips, but please don’t. If you have a digital camera, an iPhone or a Blackberry then you have the ability to create your own videos. To record product demos there’s software such as Camtasia or iMovie that can record voice and mouse movements.

4. Optimize. YouTube uses Google search algorithms to return results that are most relevant to the viewer. This means you have to optimize your titles, descriptions and tags for keywords and keyword phrases. You can even add meta data to your video.

5. Repeat. To ensure YouTube remains part of your overall organic search and web presence optimization strategy, set a weekly or monthly goal for the types of videos to create. What is the goal and how will you measure it?

YouTube has the potential to set your organization and your brand apart. Get creative. Remember there were 3.6 billion YouTube searches in the month of June 2010 and the number is growing. Don’t overlook this opportunity.

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