June 2014 Product Update

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June 2014 Product Update

June 30, 2014 en Product Updates
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Keyword KlustersTM

For mid-sized to large web presences with hundreds of keywords, it is now easier to manage and report on those keywords by organizing them into logical groups called Klusters. Once this is done, you can view your keyword positions by Kluster.

Examples of Klusters are similar keywords around a term such as “Condos” or “Townhomes”, “Branded Keywords” or “Unbranded Keywords” or even keywords in the groupings of “Focus Keywords”, “Awareness Keywords” or “Keywords on the Radar”.

Klusters can also be used in the Reports area, so you can create individual reports for different people in your organization, as required.

Klusters are available as an additional workflow feature, contact sales@gshiftlabs.com or your Client Success Manager to inquire about subscribing to and/or setting up Klusters.


Competition and Social Selection

You can now select the Competitor you wish to compare your web presence to within your SEO Report.

You can also select to turn on/off individual social accounts, as needed. This is ideal if a web presence is not using Facebook or LinkedIn, for example.

It is easy to change, when you are creating your reports.


Google Country Level Search Volume

In the SEO report, as an option, you can now choose to show the keyword monthly search volume from Google for your followed keywords.

Contact Sales@gShiftLabs.com for more information on how we can help you achieve the ranking metrics that you require for your clients.

New feature ideas?  We want to hear them. Please send them to feedback@gShiftLabs.com

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