YouTube Search Engine Optimization Strategy – Webinar

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YouTube Search Engine Optimization Strategy

In this Customer Success webinar, we discussed how to fine tune YouTube for optimal performance.



  •  The YouTube Channel function, and related branding tools like banners
  • Social sharing tools to distribute videos into Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Annotation tools and in-video links to help highlight key messages, create calls to action and link to related content such as your website.
  • Buttons for viewers to favorite/like or comment on videos using their Google+ ID enabling two-way communication
  • Contextual suggestions of related videos for your audience.
  • Transcripts of videos which can boost SEO metrics or be shared with those who aren’t able to play the video with volume or for those with hearing disabilities.
  • Embedding tools for related videos/series, for your website and social media networks
  • Playlists to organize your videos into specific topics and categories


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