SEO 3.0: Web Presence Optimization

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There’s been a real evolution of search engine optimization (SEO) over the past couple of years, and this is good. Practices and processes have to evolve.We refer to this SEO evolution as Web presence optimization (WPO).
WPO is about optimizing content across your organization’s entire web presence – website, social media, blogs, press releases – to improve your organic ranking in the search engines. It’s about dominating ALL search starting points so people can find your business during all phases of their online research.These days, businesses need to have insight into their digital footprint and to track, manage and measure their entire web presence for organic search without breaking the bank – or losing their minds!

It is possible! In this On-Demand Webcast you will learn about:

  • Why SEO is important to a business
  • The shift that is taking place in SEO
  • How you can apply SEO 3.0 to your business

SEO 3.0: Web Presence Optimization – On-Demand Webcast

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